Friday 30 August 2013

Back To The Wrong Future

If you have time on your hands this weekend and want a couple of longer reads here are two choice items below with a common theme.

One is by Frances Coppola, always good for an interesting and well informed take on economic matters.  Her view of our money management is that it is being run by the Bank of England according to Stalin and we are paying the price.  It could be a very heavy one.
The other is from the LSE web site and is by Ron Amann who has been at the centre of many of the government changes and worked in organisations set up to do this and that.

His view of our present political class is parallel to that of some of us in that he does not like much who and what they are in relation to the business of government.

In fact he says that we are being run by Stalin's children and accordingly the UK has become increasingly like that of the former Soviet Union and its subject states.

If our world seems to be getting uglier, this may be an explanation.

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