Thursday 29 August 2013

Humanitarian Military Action

Our Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron, has promised us that the military action to be taken in Syria will be humanitarian.  What does he mean exactly?  We have been here before.

The above picture is one of the Battle of Tel El Kebir in 1882 and is one of many such actions undertaken to bring peace and understanding to the peoples of the Middle East.

On the Embankment a short walk from Downing Street is the memorial to the Camel Corps of World War One.  He might care to take a look and then call for the files on their service in Syria.

Perhaps not, I suspect the FO and the MOD have long since sent them to either the shredder or the incinerator.

Is there anywhere in Whitehall someone who knows how many civilians have died there since the Blair Bush War on Iraq in 2003?

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