Saturday 24 August 2013

Sensation! Teenage Drivers May Not Pay Attention!

Picked up an interesting item in Science Daily, the web site used by so many media interns as an easy way to pick up a shock horror science item which will not test either the patience or the understanding of the journalist whose name will head the piece.

It is about teenagers who as well as the world are alive to the the sound of music only instead of jumping about a mountain in happiness they are at risk of pranging the car they are driving.

The key issue here is that it is not music that annoys them that does the damage but that they prefer.  Perhaps the jumping about waving their arms and trying to do a rap or rock routine when bombing along the bypass or back road is not a good idea.

The article is reasonably short and readable.  Inevitably, the possibility arises that those among us who have never quite grown up may be taking the same risks.  It might explain why these days so many drive far too close to the vehicle in front.

Often you do not need to look in the mirror, you can hear them coming from the beat and it is not their engine.

So if you really want to give the kids the keys to the car then take the radio and music player out first.

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  1. This may well be so but here in Australia there has been a campaign of regular reporting of the accidents that elderly drivers have.
    And so it implies they shouldn't drive cars.
    There is little complaint about other age groups.