Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Republic Of The UK 1951 To 2014

Imagine, during the 1940's the then Royal Family were very different and during the War years and immediately after had clearly failed in their duties and the need to be at one with the people and the troubles of the times.

Also, let us imagine, a Labour Government more left wing that that elected in 1945 and very determined for far more extensive and radical change, a revolution rather than reform. 

What might have happened in the later years of the Attlee government?  Could it have disestablished the Monarchy in favour of a Presidential system, only with the President nominated and elected by Parliament alone and for say a seven year term?

So in 1950, someone would be elected as a President Head of State with limited powers, a much reduced version of the Royal Prerogative, to take office on 1st January 1951 for one term only and the successors at seven year intervals.

Here below is a guess list of who we might well have had as Presidents.  You may be able to think of many others, but this will do for starters.  One side effect may have been that the UK could have developed a Monarchist Party.

1951 Kingsley Martin
1958 Lord Boothby
1965 T. Dan Smith

1972 Reginald Maudling
1979 Michael Foot
1986 Jimmy Savile

1993 Edwina Currie
2000 Peter Mandelson
2007 John Prescott

2014 Out sourced to the highest bidder?

Honest, I'm not joking.

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  1. Dont forget that post war there was a lot of guns and a lot of people who knew how to use them.
    A lot of need and / or demand and not much money.
    People were too busy procreating for any fancy politics.