Tuesday 6 August 2013

Research Shows MP's Bend

Today, the LSE website had a longish article with interesting diagrams telling us that as an election approaches there is a habit among MP's in marginal constituencies to rein back their business interests.

This means cutting back on the directorships that seem to flow their way, irrespective of party, and their holdings or ownership in other related activities.  All this seems to indicate not only their shifts of attitude but the belief that key elements of their electorates may question their motives in seeking re-election.

That a study can be made of this and seem to be the norm of political behaviour at present tells us a lot about our leaders and a lot more about the state of our democracy.

The item is headed:

"Electorally vulnerable MPs’ outside interests appear to follow an election cycle"

The link is:

Just as well I am not active in politics, my membership since birth of my Grandfather's interest, his local Hang The Kaiser Association, would not go down well with the Europhiles.

Just like our membership of the EU it is a lot harder to get out of than to get in.

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