Thursday 3 November 2011

Are You Looking At My Bird?

Estimates from a number of places towards the East suggest that in many states the number of young males in the frantic age ranges for female company now exceed those available by a substantial amount because nature has not been allowed to run its course.

Of those many fewer females who are allowed to exist there will be a proportion, greater in some places than others who are withdrawn from what might be called the “open market” for internal family reasons.

They are needed domestically in the parental home or on the farm or because of religious beliefs. Also here and there are other reasons why women are shielded from the full force of male attentions and removed from ready contact.

Those UK males forced to spend time in grim garrison towns in the past will realise the implications of this. When there are a lot of loose men and a serious shortage of loose women, broadly defined, there is always trouble of one sort or another.

Recently, some historians looking for reasons for one upheaval or series of events have wondered whether some of the happenings of history might not have their origins in past situations of this kind rather than fine philosophies or higher thoughts.

One place that occurs to me is Boston, Massachusetts in the late 18th Century. There are British troops garrisoned there (see above) and it is a port with both mariners from trading vessels and seamen from Royal Navy ships. It attracts migrants from many parts of Britain and Ireland, the great majority male.

Add to that the settled townspeople are almost all deeply religious and worship in many churches that demand high standards of faith and personal conduct. So their womenfolk and female servants are closely guarded and watched over day and night. They take great care over the marriages they make.

In short, a lot of loose men, many with money competing for the few loose women about and a situation in which there are many more losers that winners. The main losers are local young men who are priced out of the market for the few females who are more available.

Inevitably, there is trouble and a natural, literally natural, desire amongst young Bostonians to see the British go home. Apply this logic to many other places and times of serious trouble in history and see how often it might have occurred and where. There are many more of them than you might think. You could try humming “Lili Marlene” while doing it.

Now, here is a test of your skill and judgement. If you are a surplus frantic male where there are very few loose women and you are a poor catch in your local marriage market to where do you go? Which country advertises the ease of access to its young females (and others) widely on the net and on TV and has more or less open borders?

All you have to do is hop on the back of a truck.


  1. "In 2005 males under the age of 20 exceeded females by more than 32 million in China"

    A BMJ report from 2009 on the Chinese one child policy. A potentially massive problem looms.

  2. War does have it advantages it does even things up a bit as more males get killed than females. As my age and ugliness is a definite deterrent to my scoring with the opposite sex I say bring it on.