Sunday 20 March 2011

Frying Tonight

In the picture above of the old Fry’s Chocolate Cream advertisement in the modern world perhaps the five descriptions might be reversed and have a different meaning.

You will know that Fry’s became part of Cadbury’s, had its production moved from Bristol to Poland and now Cadbury’s has become part of Krafts after some debate.

There were vague promises made to safeguard the UK part which do not seem to have been fulfilled and some of our Parliamentarians are not happy.

They have asked Irene Rosenfeld, the boss of Krafts, to explain things, but Irene has many other more important commitments to fulfil. Spending a dreary afternoon in a mucky part of London chatting to a bunch of nobody’s doesn’t do much for the bottom line.

To reinterpret the old advertisement.

“Realisation” now means that UK workers and consumers never mind their elected representatives can go whistle. Krafts is about money and not Big Societies.

“Acclamation” is the hoopla in The City and amongst some of our national leaders when Krafts took over Cadbury’s. This was the inevitable course of economic need and we should all be grateful for the beneficence of Krafts; at least those with access to the profits.

“Expectation” is the fine promises made by both Cadbury’s and later Krafts to the Fry’s workers and those involved with the old plant that they might be treated decently.

“Pacification” is all the heavy duty spin originally used by leading politicians, much of the financial media and others to justify the purely financial grounds for all the takeovers and manipulation of markets.

“Desperation” is for those who have lost their jobs and futures and for any who believe that it is possible for the UK to retain any ownership of its assets or ability to manage its own affairs.

As for Irene The Indignant Investor perhaps Baroness Orczy has the right idea:

“They seek her here, they seek her there,
Our M.P.’s seek her everywhere.

Is she creating heaven, or is she creating hell?

Does it matter if the products sell?”

Chocolate is still on the menu but only from certain suppliers. Also, cocoa futures have risen sharply in price.

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