Tuesday, 5 February 2019

It Stinks And Air Pollution

The Guardian went big today in a lead article on the subject of air pollution which is certainly a major problem. It attributes this to cars, traffic and other outside forms of pollution that have grown during the years.

The article is here and is both short and clear to read. The main issue are the effects on children that are emerging.

So what are people urged to do about this especially as vehicle pollution does not smell nice? The media etc. is full of advert's for fragrances as "air fresheners" in the home and as part of a whole range of household and personal products.

But these are made from the same petro-chemicals as in vehicle fuels. The synthetics added are powerful and hit hard adding to effect. The "get out" is that they are not regulated and may have one or two per cent of natural content to allow the advert's to make claims to that effect.

If anything those in the home and on the body make an even more poisonous chemical concoction than the stuff being pumped out of the back of a truck.

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  1. Many pollutant emissions such as NOx have been declining for decades but don't live in a city may still be good advice.