Thursday 19 December 2013

Talking Is Good For Some

Have I missed something or have nodded off during the news bulletins?  It seems that according to Open Democracy there is a series of major trade talks going on between the EU and the USA.  On the face of it this might seem to be a good thing.

But the talks are secret; as is much if not all of the relevant documentation.  The secrecy is not total.  There are apparently 600 Corporate Advisors to hand to ensure that their interests are taken care of and to steer the discussions in their chosen direction.

What they have to say and what their particular interests are is not known because it is said that commercial confidentiality is critical to the success or failure of the talks.

A critic might claim that "success" means extensive deregulation and greater opportunities to do what they want.  "Failure" means that greater accountability, better accounting and thorough examination of environmental and health issues will take precedence.

Who are these corporations?  Are they the ones with a future and providing for those needs?  Or are they those of the past with many more anxious to protect their interests or who need more subsidy and support by the EU and subject states at the expense of the new?

The debate at present about the EU and the UK is wide ranging but one crucially important element is trade and the conditions involved.  This is not simply intra EU trade it is the global trade by the states within. 

So these discussions are being conducted without knowing what the EU might intend and what decisions and arrangements are being made with an unspecified number of vested interests.

The question is do we trust the EU and their partners in their deliberations or don't we?


  1. It is all academic anyway France will ensure that a trade agreement is never made with the USA. France is already haemorrhaging jobs and companies to countries with lower unit costs despite all their protectionist policies and practices. Opening up the market to the USA would kill their economy stone dead and they know it.

  2. "The question is do we trust the EU and their partners in their deliberations or don't we?"

    I don't trust them.