Thursday 26 December 2013

Olympic Legacy Hocus Pocus

A couple of days ago there was a long and learned academic post on the LSE website about the 2012 Olympics Legacy a subject that seems to be exciting fewer and fewer people to the dismay of Those Who Believed.

Inevitably, there was one carping comment:

The “legacy” idea is hocus pocus. After the 1948 Olympics neither the teenagers then or those about to be teenage made much, if any, extra effort at games. Admittedly many were working.

The Games just disappeared into the blur of recent history and we all carried on doing what teenagers normally do to amuse themselves, being selfish, fixated on our personal lives and seeking easy entertainment.

It was still the Palais de Dance rather than the sports pitch.


Who on earth would say something like that?  The medal winner, above in 1948, lived just down the road from us.

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  1. It's a comment on our times too. We don't need academics and graphs to tell us that long term behaviour isn't changed that easily.