Sunday 8 December 2013

Go East Young Man

Today being one of those days, this is limited to an item from Iain Dale on the subject of trade with China.  It says it all really.


Iain Dale, 6 December, 2013

Am I alone in feeling queasy at the way David Cameron has been crawling to the Chinese this week in a craven attempt to gain their favour? “We will be the main advocate of China in the West,” he announced on Monday.

Pass the sick bag. I completely accept we have to do business with regimes we disapprove of – it’s what Bismarck called ‘realpolitik’. But what we don’t have to do is prostrate ourselves in front of them and appear to beg them to like us.

What we should be doing is recognising their agenda. Their strategy is to buy up key bits of our infrastructure and then in 20 years’ time exert their control and influence over us. It’s what they are doing all over the world.

They’re buying up industries and infrastructure which has a common theme – and the theme is that they all revolve around things we need for our everyday life – power, water, sewers. And now I imagine they will buy many of the about to be privatised shares in the Channel Tunnel.

We must be mad. The Germans would no more let the Chinese invest in their nuclear facilities than give them control over their armed forces. And let’s remember that the amount of German trade with China dwarfs ours.

Regimes like China understand it when countries stand up to them and act in their own national interest. They laugh at countries which are so keen to ingratiate themselves that they will do anything to attract inward investment.

Are we really that desperate?


The problem is that we could be that desperate and it is beginning to show.

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