Wednesday 25 December 2013

Taking A Dram

The season is a time for memory.  We watched the old Ealing comedy, Whisky Galore! which held up remarkably well if you did not mind the stereotypes.  It was relaxing with some real, as opposed to forced, laughs.

One character, not mentioned in the link was the local doctor, played by James Robertson Justice a Scottish authority figure with a commanding presence.  Not only did it seem strange for a small island to have its own doctor it was clear that this was a different world.

In his visits to those quite ill he was happy to recommend the smoking of pipe tobacco and the drinking of a few shots of whisky.  Given that this was before antibiotics came into general use it was a lot more sensible than you might assume.

Despite what those times were like there were moments when it seemed to be a better world to live in.

Have a nice day.


  1. "Despite what those times were like there were moments when it seemed to be a better world to live in."

    I know what you mean. If only we'd managed to keep the best bits of that world and avoid the worst bits of this. Oh well.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. A very long time ago I worked for quite a number of registered blind and partially sighted, mainly elderly people. After a year I realised that many, who had other disabilities too, had just the one thing in common - they drank a very small amount of whisky (they sometimes called it 'hows your father' which puzzled me initially) at some time - not always evening, but once every day. All were quite mobile, many were in their eighties, some over 90, many smoked a little still - but all were so much better in every way than those who did not do this
    I have copied them ever since with small quanitities of a huge range of single malts.