Friday, 3 April 2015

Winners And Losers

Now that the Eton Bawl Game has taken place, aka the TV debate of the leaders of the major parties, a grim struggle in an enclosed and crowded arena; or it might be the Chipping Norton Sevens, in which all the nations are the losers, the media is in full cry.  We did not watch, preferring something serious and where the performers knew what they were doing and the meaning of what they said.

By all accounts Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP did very well.  I did say a few days ago that she was intelligent and persuasive.  She reminds me of my grannie, maiden name Scott and of Nesbitt descent, whose lucid and informed exposition of the inherent theology of The Bible reduced young members of the clergy to shivering heaps of sinful flesh.

However The Bible and for that matter the collected dogmas of the factions of the further Left, as in the SNP, are little guide when it comes to advancing science and technology and the mechanisms of global financial operations.  The Bible deals with eternity and The Left deals with long term planning and ordering the future.

In the last few days some Labour MP's of the Left from northern England have avowed they would join the SNP in frustrating austerity and cuts.  This has led to shock horror surprise when it ought to be very obvious that tracts of northern England have a great deal more in common with Scotland than they have with the south.

The border settlement of 1328 was a long time ago, even by my standards and the Scots have an ancient claim to old Northumbria.  The SNP should consider claiming the area to the north of the line of the Mersey to the Humber.

The picture above is of Frith Street in Soho in the late 1940's when I first knew it.  Take away the vehicles and the lighting and put in some horse and carts it would be much as when Karl Marx was around the corner in Dean Street living with a cook and a confectioner; both Italians, Morgan Kavanagh with his myths and theories of religion and a George Osborne running the nearest pub.

It all may be academic, the markets are turning iffy and the Baltic Dry has dropped, as I keep saying and grannie would have agreed there is no long term any more and may be not medium term either.

It is all to play for.

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  1. "The Left deals with long term planning and ordering the future"

    We must hope the future hasn't gone cold by the time it gets here.