Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Decisions Decisions

The postal vote has to be dealt with and minds have to be made up.

We could vote for the member of the late government who is our MP at present, perhaps out of inertia it being a relatively "safe" seat that may not be that safe.

But second childhood irresponsibility and rebelliousness argues against it.  We are said to have a "good" member but that may be because the media adviser is better than most.

There is a hyper local Lib Dem councillor who works very hard, or at least says he does claiming to do a great deal, unluckily a lot of this gets up the sensitive nose and his party is neither liberal or democratic.

The Labour man seems steady and is not one of the lout or loony end of the party.  But it is his superiors who give me the twitches or perhaps even the shakes.

UKIP is on offer, at least opposed to the EU, if they knew what they were doing.  It might seem a protest vote or it might be just another daft idea or product of a hangover.

The Green seems to be delightfully batty in the right sort of eco-way, which is warming to the heart, alas the other policies which ought to attract bring on cold shivers.

We have a lady from one of the Ultra Left groups who wants to take us back to the delights of one or other of the Soviet satellites of the 1950's, but we do not want to go at any price.

Then there is a protest health candidate who at first seemed to have a point.  Unluckily the flyer that came had a paragraph in it that gave his other ideas all quite barmy.

Decisions like this get my goat but at least the one above knows which way to jump.

I think.

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  1. Our choice seems similar. I'd like a genuine eccentric to join the fray such as the late Lord Sutch, but the eccentrics on offer have more than a touch of totalitarian madness lurking in the background.