Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Scots Wha Hae Promise Of The Day Eleven

We have learned a few things that the SNP are likely to demand of its Labour associates should they form a coalition of sorts after the May election.

These have been the stuff of shock horror stories in the media.  This has had the effect of distracting attention from those other demands which perhaps are better not mentioned at the moment.

One unexpected item may be that the annual Trooping The Colour will be summarily abolished.  Not only does it involve cruelty to horses, will appeal to the Greens, but the ritual praises a form of society which is of the past and is offensive to the present.

Not only are their blatant class distinctions but the higher ranks shout orders at the lower and expect instant and unquestioning obedience.  Not just that but the demeaning business of deferring openly and saluting the persons shouting is required.

There is no mutuality or personal engagement and little respect for mistakes, such as the very easy one of dropping your rifle on the RSM's foot.  By getting rid of the Trooping with its deference to the Royal Family it is then possible to move on to the issues arising from anniversaries of earlier wars.

One example is the D Day landings; a shocking business.  There are no women in sight, on the beaches there is no provision put in place for health and safety, proper amenities and such, never mind facilities for the elderly, children and disabled to take part in the event.

When the paratroops and commando's go in where are the forward elements to engage in positive and meaningful discussions with those of different opinions on the German side?  Where are the compliance officers, therapists and social engagement advisers?  There are none.

Also the new coalition should bring to an end the attention being given to the past events such as the disgraceful business at Agincourt where the deeply prejudiced English would not accept a majority decision.

This "victory" prevented an economic union between England and France which would have transformed lives in that the Auld Alliance between France and Scotland would have meant Scots rule for the Atlantic Isles much earlier than when it occurred in the 17th Century.

For the Battle of Waterloo, represented as a "British" success, the English spite and malignant attitude to the wise, far seeing and reforming Napoleon put back the cause of European Unity for a century and a half.

Again, as the picture above displays, the cruelty to horses was central to the English cavalry.  Had the Auld Alliance still held force this would never have happened.

To return to the period 1944 to 1945, had the London government of the day sought to have come to terms with the vision of European unity of that time rather than insist on purely aggressive military intervention it is possible that mutual concessions could have meant a united Europe in the late 1940's.

But all this is history and how we might see it.  One matter the SNP could demand is that the government should lobby the EU to move on from the outdated tune from Beethoven's 9th Symphony and replace it by one more suited to the present day.

This anthem from the past in Wikipedia, "Partant Pour La Syrie" would be a happy choice and which can be found on youtube here with pictures which would be uplifting to us all.  Personally, I prefer Chant de L'Oignon, but you can't have everything.

But the great question that when Labour and the SNP sit down together, unless of course Labour have to stand, where will Nick Clegg be?

Making the tea?  Green, of course, without milk or sugar.


  1. Awa' ya pudd'n'! Thae "English cavalry" ur oor Scots Greys!

  2. "the disgraceful business at Agincourt"

    I agree, there wasn't even a proper risk assessment beforehand. Did the promoters of the Agincourt project even consider the possibility of cost overruns? I don't think so.

  3. I'm beginning to like your posts ;)