Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Give Us A Tune

Today is "hunt the joke story" day of the year.

Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes not.  What is difficult is when you have the government and politics of Bedlam as is in the UK today it is difficult to separate fact and fiction.

Because what is presented to us as fact so often turns out to be rabid fiction it is easy to slip into the state of mind where all is regarded as fiction so when facts are presented we reject them.

This is one news story in a blog which I enjoyed reading.  It is from Jessica Duchen who as well as her blog and other work writes for "The Independent" on music etc. telling us about moving the Birmingham concert hall to London.

It is a pity she did not mention the music lover who attends so many concerts, Maddie Klapper, who wakes one up in the middle of the quiet passages of music and who would appreciate the acoustics.

Tonight BBC R3, Classic FM and RTE Lyric FM all go head to head with Hadyn Symphonies and this is not a joke.

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  1. There is a hamlet in Derbyshire called Rattle, now part of Ashover. From Wikipedia:

    "This portion of the village was the centre of stocking frame working in Ashover and probably derives its name from the noise made by the machines."