Sunday, 20 May 2018

Clearing The Mind

We are told about the major rise in "dementia" and not simply among the aged, but in younger age groups. Certainly the brain is a crucial, vulnerable and sensitive part of the body. Among other things it needs reliable and "clean" blood flow.

My concern is whether, given the shortage of time, specialists and the rest in the NHS whether the diagnosis of dementia is being made too quickly and easily in many cases. That is apart from actual and known physical injury.

There are a number of brain effects that create "fog". The list below is not in any order of number or seriousness. Also, in many cases there may be more than one interacting factors. Another is whether the effects are temporary or can become permanent.


Candida/Fungal infection

Brain fog from chemical reactions e.g. fragrances

Diet - additives, flavourings, pesticides etc.

Alcohol intake

High sugar and starch intake

Concussion and noise over time

Acoustic effects of loud sound

Physical, blood flow, cell damage/loss/disease, age shrinkage,

Sleep problems (external noise etc.) and overwork




EMS: electro magnetic (field) sensitivity


Thursday, 17 May 2018

Ducking The Dukedoms

No sooner had I posted about trains when a peerage matter appeared in the papers. The question is what title Trooper Harry might be given on his marriage. Duke of Sussex might be one, but does his spouse want to be known as The Brighton Belle in the media, back to trains again?

The last Duke of Sussex 1773-1843 lived an interesting and complicated life which may not be a good "fit" with what is needed at present. There were also Earl's of Sussex of whom one was the Arthur son of Queen Victoria (and Albert) whose first title was Duke of Connaught.

This Dukedom is being suggested as another option. A delicate issue is that the old province and Kingdom of Connaught is now part of the Republic of Ireland and they are very sensitive about land. It was issues of land ownership and rentals as well as religion that led to their breakaway from the UK.

For me Connaught means The Devil's Own, The 88th Regiment of Foot, The Connaught Rangers, if only because they were in the Peninsula with Wellington. Their bayonet charge at Bussaco sent the French packing and at Salamanca they broke the French lines.

The picture above is the famed 1878 one from Lady Butler with two recruits in Ireland on their way to the army, the Connaught Rangers, fame, perhaps fortune and if they survived a pension to be enjoyed in London along with a job as watchman.

This couple of minutes reminds us of the formalities, albeit not with the 88th, long gone, sadly.

A minute and a half of this is more my style these days, look for the Jerboa on the arm.

Now it is time for a quick march to a cup of tea.

All Change

You are reminded that this weekend on Sunday the new timetables for many rail companies will be introduced which involve in some cases changed patterns and routing of services as well as the actual times.

As a preliminary the Government has decided that one line, the East Coast; Edinburgh to London now and again, and recently run by Virgin, will change from the nearly nationalised to the fully.

Passengers may find that there are also changes to the stock  available for certain lines, see above.

Last but not least; according to my understanding of the new General Data Protection Regulations, airlines and railways should not be told which passengers have made bookings.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Past And Present

It is a convention that the world changes and in all sorts of ways. The media tell us that we are in one such world and give us the impression that it is something new and easy. It is neither and never has been. Change in history might mean change of history.

If you want a real head banger to learn this try the link. It is about the last half of the 19th Century and is a Wikisource from a book about the development of steam propulsion in shipping. Just skip down the page and no questions will be asked.

It may seem arcane but what happened as a result of the changes was that the world shrank rapidly and by a great deal. What was possible  for governments, business and others became the world of the early 20th Century with all its wars, ambitions and upheavals.

Just as technology and science shrank the world and shaped its history so now has the new internet and digital shrank history. The amount of archive material from a wide variety of sources in many countries coupled with indexing and other search provision is now vast and growing almost by the day.

Instead of a few learned and highly trained people who could travel to see and interpret what was held in guarded archives or such now anyone so inclined can have a look. Instead of the costs of travel and weeks or months going through the papers there are now the internet costs, a great deal cheaper and within the ability of many more to pay.

Picking out just one area of interest, the journals and newspapers of a period. I recall what a business it was wading through acres of the stuff in search of something, anything, that would be useful. For the Census Returns it meant London which was needed as well  for the Registrar General's records.

The internet has coincided with the fact that the Census Returns from 1841 to 1911 in England and Wales are there, a huge store of information about the location and structure of society. You can go to any town or village, look around the streets and see what is what. Some of the possible would have been impossible before.

One matter in another part of history is the 17th Century Civil War. the basic story has been with us for a while and most attention is fixed on the major battles that occurred. What we see from the archive and other records is the extent of local actions where in the counties the War became a matter of landowners grabbing land, setting old scores and ruling by the sword for one side or another.

Across the country the War was not just the battles but years of running violence and a nastiness that make our present troubles with gangs look minor and petty in comparison. It was a world where you could not rely on or trust anyone almost anarchy in reality in the name of religion.

It is not surprising that so many fled to the America's. The trouble was that some took their bad habits with them. It wasn't too long before there was another Civil War, that of Independence for the USA, which led inevitably to another of the 1860's.

After two World Wars and a Cold War it could be that we are getting back to the old routines.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Telling An Old Story

I was thinking of commenting on something else when I saw this in Zero Hedge. It is one of those ideas that despite its disadvantages and evident problems may catch on for politicians looking to get the votes in the right segment of the electorate for them.

Paying For Pensions is the subject, an issue common across most of the first world economies, which I think just about includes ours. The idea comes from Chicago, a city which has long had a reputation for imaginative ways of redistributing money and income.

This one has a property tax hitting the owners hard to take money to cover the rising deficits in pensions funding. In the UK with so many property owners either having or looking forward to pensions it could be that there would be a lot of taking with one hand and giving with another.

If that is the case then it is probable that the government would take its cut and a big one. Let us hope John McDonnell doesn't see it or it might become Labour Party Policy between coughs at the next conference.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Trump Does The Can Can

As we all know, well some of us, President Trump of the USA is half Scottish. Accordingly, he has acquired among his many interests bits of Scotland amongst his investments. Like many Scots he keeps a close eye on where the money is going.

This shocking story from Zero Hedge says that Trump has ordered that one of the Scots most sacred beliefs, that the fizzy drink Irn Bru can do things that no other drink can do, be ignored and it be taken from the shelves of his hotels etc. and not be supplied.

When spilled it will stain the expensive carpets and cost a lot to clean, if it can be cleaned. Not only does it pack a fizzy punch, once out of the can, it marks its ground with its colour.

Ouch, it is my ancestral Scottish twitch. If it does this to carpets and defeats the cleaning, what happens to the insides of the Scots?

It might explain a lot.


Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Fancy A Drink?

As summer has arrived early, just in time to mate with the pollen season, many will be under the climatic cosh.

It is hard to maintain a diet under these circumstances. Also, thirst has to be dealt with and many of the tasty non-alcoholic drinks have artificial sweeteners to cut the calories by cutting the sugar.

All is not as it seems is what Dr. Mercola says in his daily shock horror story to send us all trembling to our kitchens.

There are times when I feel like the ancient mariner, water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.