Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Give Us A Tune Angela

Now that Britain has lost the Third Great War, Kaiserin Merkel is calling for a Euro Army, but what sort of Army might it be?

The picture above is Blucher before Waterloo, a battle which the Prussians won to save Europe.

Prussian Glory is the obvious choice for Merkel but not this one at two minutes.

There is a Napoleon to rouse us to victory for three minutes.

The US Cavalry perhaps or perhaps not another two minutes.

The REME has a fine old tune which had its meaning now lost.

Irish Guards maybe but others as well including mine.

The Kings Liverpool at one minute to surprise you all.

Last but far from least is what the Scots might offer at around one minute, my very own favourite.

We have ways of making you march to our tune.

1 comment:

  1. Lillibullero brings back memories. We used to "sing" a version of that at school.