Monday 14 August 2017

Spot The Error

The internet is not always entirely reliable. The quote below is copied from Wikipedia.

Use your skill and judgement to detect what might be on the whole and taking everything into consideration, a little misleading.


180 Ebury Street
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180 Ebury Street in the Belgravia district of London was the home of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his family from August 5th 1974 to September 24th 1974 during the Mozart family's grand tour of Europe.[1]


We were in Pont Aven in August 1974, painting the town red.


  1. Is it a date error where Mozart actually stayed on until September 25th because Harold Wilson persuaded him to take part in a general election photo opportunity?

  2. It might have been Edward Heath, who conducted choirs and orchestraa. It was said that while Heath could conduct music Wilson couldn't conduct a bus.