Saturday 5 August 2017

Booting Up The Future

This week we did the shopping. It took twenty minutes of careful clicking, albeit a strict list of items had been prepared, so no hopping about or responding to offers for this and that.

When the delivery arrived the man in the van took about five minutes of our time. Also avoided were visits to several shops or markets and being annoyed that things were not there or in good condition.

This explains why in near ten minutes and is worth the time to watch. It is an amazing technical and logistical story and for those whose shopping history goes back decades only causes them regret at all the time spent then in buying basic goods.

But not only is it a revolution in its field, it is the same for employment, skills and other things. If this is the way a basic function can work now what about all the other aspects of our lives? Would robot medic's make fewer mistakes than humans?

Then there is politics and government although I am not sure I would want HAL 9000 at The Treasury.


  1. We trudged round Sainsbury's but I'm beginning to wonder why when much of our shopping is routine stocking up.

    "Would robot medic's make fewer mistakes than humans?"

    Seems likely but there will be a huge battle over it.

  2. Hmmmm, not sure about home delivery because you don't get to choose - they choose which of the item you'll get.

  3. So what did you do with the time 'saved'.?