Sunday 6 August 2017

Sit And Deliver

Following Saturday's post on retailing, we are aware these days how much has changed in recent years. Those who are affected and do not like it blame a number of things, and one of those is the recent ability to shop online, for example via Amazon.

This from Zero Hedge tells us that there are other things that are important and have major effects. One is that our spending habits have changed quite a lot in many ways. These are major reasons and there could be more to come.

But over the last century there have been many and various changes that have impacted on shops and shopping from one generation or even decade to another.

My post was about deliveries but this is not new, there were many housewives when I was young who expected the local grocers, the butchers and others to deliver. One of ours is in the picture above, although he did not use the pram.

Then came supermarkets, now under pressure and alleged to be in decline. What next? Local centres taking in deliveries for collection 24 hours a day?


  1. Interesting link. It chimes with what we see here in the UK - spending has changed significantly over the past ten years or so.

  2. The scope for temptation for said housewives would have been great.