Wednesday 2 August 2017

Give Us A Tune

With all these modern composers doing their thing and trying to fit their various forms of music to our modern world, it is time to have a try. The piece in question would convey the reality of today and be in its way a celebration of how and who we are.

It will begin quietly but rising to a dissonant cry of a male chorus of plumbers singing "The part has not arrived yet!". They will be contrasted by a female chorus avoiding unison varying between honeyed tones and a shriek of "He's busy but will only be a few minutes."

Backing this will be a children's choir singing with emotion, "Your car has failed the MOT and needs a few new parts." This will go on for most of the day, before culminating all together with the major anthem of "VAT is payable on all items and work."

They will quietly and sadly sing the finale, "I'm sorry we can't help.", the orchestra will play a repetitive ring tone and it culminates in a final loud shout with crashing sound "Please leave a message".

I am sure this will appeal to all your hearts and minds.

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