Monday 10 July 2017


Today, 10th July, the post brought the first Christmas Booking opportunity to the effect that if I did not reply instantly, well almost, I would lose the chance of having the fun experience of a lifetime, with food provided from the best possible freezer cabinets and microwaves.

I was shocked, why I ask is it so late?  Midsummer's Day was three weeks ago, which is around when I have come to assume that Santa Claus is checking his sleigh and the nosebags on the reindeer. I think that is possible but if Rudolf claims animal rights perhaps no longer.

Assuming that there will be a Christmas this year, or will Mr. Corbyn promise to ban it if he becomes Prime Minister, along with the other dates determined by a capitalist and religious past? If so, then Ms. May will leap in to ban all Bank Holidays as untidy relics to be replaced by Occasional Nice Days determined by your employers business plan.

Mr. Corbyn will no doubt have other dates, "Peoples Days"  in mind to replace the old ones. They might well be 21 January, 14 March, 22 April, 5 May and 18 December to celebrate Marx, Lenin and Stalin although the date of his death is omitted because he is still in all our hearts, or ought to be.

Many workers of today do not get much, if any break. Also, given the expense and the rest of it, I suspect many no longer want to bother.


  1. Online banks don't have any holidays at all. People get quite cross if they take an electronic break by going down for a while.

  2. Don't think he'll get to the reins of power. If he does, it's a stitch up.