Sunday 9 July 2017


In the news lately have been reports that the Yellowstone Caldera in the USA has been more than usually twitchy recently. When this happens the experts become jumpy. This is one of the very big ones that could see us all off.

This from Wikipedia is an article that deals with the basic story. The general knowledge has known about it for some time. But recent study suggests the potential could be even worse than we think. Zero Hedge has an item from National Geographic but my machine says that site is not secure.

If it does blow at least we will not have to contend with Trump's tweets any more, nor Brexit issues, we will all be under ten feet of ash. But I fear that in our Tory and Labour parties they will still be arguing about who is to blame until the last blink of TV.

However, the word from the locals is don't panic, don't panic, it isn't going to happen. They are the nearest to it so perhaps they are right and all those pessimists of the last half million years or so are wrong again. Old faithful, the geyser above, will still be with us.

My only hope is that it will not happen before the Tour de France finishes.

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