Saturday 1 July 2017

Beware Of Change

This blog, along with others, has suggested in the past that many of our prominente do not understand what is going on technically, the rapidity of change or its implications. Our leaders are being led and do not know where they are going or why.

This article in the Engineer deals with "Raspberry Pi" which is a computer device of the kind which advances performance, capability and knowledge to a remarkable extent. This short piece mentions other devices of the past.

One of the items is a prosthetic, did someone once say "take up thy bed, and walk"?

Are we in an age of miracles?


  1. In this age of flat-pack it would be "take apart thy bed and walk".

  2. "Beware of change" is my absolute political sense. Not do not change, just be careful. When you are not and all is just about "progressive" philosophy then we are f***ed.