Friday 19 February 2016

Deal Or No Deal

Perhaps something ought to be said about the Europe caper going on at present.  There was once a type of theatre called "The Whitehall Farce", so-called because the Whitehall Theatre just by Trafalgar Square specialised in putting on this kind of play.

So if you went there, it did not matter too much what the title was, what the plot was supposed to be, if you could work it out and who the actors were, although Brian Rix and Robertson Hare (O! Calamity) were usually around.

Between the in and out through the doors and from the beds etc., the idiocies, misunderstandings, deceptions and collapse of authority, you would get a good laugh.

Nowadays, you do not need to buy a ticket for the theatre, you can just pick up in the media the workings of government down the road.  Sadly, though, there are very few laughs, a lot of misery and in the end you are all going to pay a lot more for it, a lot lot more.

I have tried, 'guv, honestly I have tried to understand the latest Europe game play but I believe the great majority of the thinking population are in the same position.  Which, of course, is precisely what our rulers want.  They want us baffled enough to grasp at anything they say in the hope of belief and relief.

The only comparison I can make it that it is like one of those card games where the cards are marked, the shuffling a fix, the dealing underhand and the players you are faced with both dishonest and ruthless.  As it is Europe, the best I can do is to put up a picture of a masterpiece of European art.

It is "The Cardsharps" by Caraveggio.


  1. I bet Cameron is only just beginning to understand a few things about the EU. Up until now he hasn't really bothered.