Tuesday 2 February 2016

Cartoon Characters

The US Presidential is beginning to warm up and could be fun, at least for the peoples in other countries.  With ongoing situational chaos in the markets, flocks of Black Swans and any number of intended consequences of this and that anything can and will happen.

One interesting perspective on all this can be found not in the reams of learned discussion and passionate political outpourings in the media at large but in the Dilbert cartoon feature and Scott Adam's blog that goes with it.

He has been running a set of ideas centred on the theory that in The West the old politics are dead and decaying and what we have now in the bright new world of the 21st Century is rule by people who are Master Persuaders, that is best at working the media and pulling the public relations strings.

Today he has come up with something that seems outlandish but does say something about who might think what and to what purpose.  This is about the difficult issue of Islam in The West and what might happen and an opinion of Senator Ted Cruz.

As we all know Mr. Donald Trump has ideas that have excited some comment.  His latest, according to a report seen, is that Brussels is a hell hole because of the recent inflow from the East.

In the past my visits there led me to believe it was boring more than anything, but that was before the EU became the imperial city that it is now.

When Prime Minister Cameron, the so-called leader of one of the lesser territories  returns from yet another of his supplicant visits and dusts off the knees of his trousers he tells us of its wonders and delights.

If Ted or Donald do become President then when Goofy Cameron goes to DC to beg for help next year it will be an interesting occasion, Walt Disney meets the Ealing comedies.

I am wondering about a side bet that during the second term of the Cruz or Trump Presidency Scotland will become a State of the Union along with Syria.


  1. President Trump... I'm digging a bomb shelter and stocking up on cartridges.

  2. Scott Adams is in good company. Back in 1952 Frederik Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth wrote a science fiction novel called "The Space Merchants" about a consumer society run by advertising agencies.

    The internet may help bring it about.

  3. I took Dubya at face value too...

    My middle name, my ex profession.