Monday 23 August 2010

Banging Up And Bangers

We went to prison again a few days ago for the usual reasons. Purely as visitors you must understand and as part of our ordinary routine. It is now one of the few places where you can safely leave the car unlocked.

Also, the people you meet there seem happy to see you and pass the time of day without worrying too much. It is quite like old times.

It is a sort of parole to us free from the concerns of daily life. You are free from the rapaciousness, violence, threats and impersonality of modern living and do not have to be looking constantly over your shoulder and double checking everything you do for security and care.

In the shop you can actually talk to people who give you a straight answer, share a joke, are not trying to dump rubbish on you and know what they are doing. More to the point they understand why we are there.

How unlike all the supermarkets and high street shops never mind the banks and money shifters. As for travel agencies, say no more.

It the quest for simple decent food that takes us there, where we know what the stuff is and where is comes from. We can find vegetables pulled that morning and meat we know has been raised and handled properly.

In all the local usual supermarkets and shops it is now impossible to find food in packaging and especially uncovered that is not coated with levels of contamination that make you wonder what it might do to your insides.

As for the food itself in all these usual places, notably the packaged and prepared, what is being stuffed inside it and in the case of meats what the animals have been fed with beggars belief.

So our prison is a haven of sense and sound goods, somewhere that is reliable and truth told. No wonder so many of them look so well and cheerful.

What a pity it is that they do not do holiday apartments or even better service flats for permanent residents.

At least you could trust the neighbours.

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