Friday 11 May 2018

Trump Does The Can Can

As we all know, well some of us, President Trump of the USA is half Scottish. Accordingly, he has acquired among his many interests bits of Scotland amongst his investments. Like many Scots he keeps a close eye on where the money is going.

This shocking story from Zero Hedge says that Trump has ordered that one of the Scots most sacred beliefs, that the fizzy drink Irn Bru can do things that no other drink can do, be ignored and it be taken from the shelves of his hotels etc. and not be supplied.

When spilled it will stain the expensive carpets and cost a lot to clean, if it can be cleaned. Not only does it pack a fizzy punch, once out of the can, it marks its ground with its colour.

Ouch, it is my ancestral Scottish twitch. If it does this to carpets and defeats the cleaning, what happens to the insides of the Scots?

It might explain a lot.


1 comment:

  1. Contains ammonium ferric citrate, aspartame and sunset yellow apparently.