Tuesday 8 May 2018

Fancy A Drink?

As summer has arrived early, just in time to mate with the pollen season, many will be under the climatic cosh.

It is hard to maintain a diet under these circumstances. Also, thirst has to be dealt with and many of the tasty non-alcoholic drinks have artificial sweeteners to cut the calories by cutting the sugar.

All is not as it seems is what Dr. Mercola says in his daily shock horror story to send us all trembling to our kitchens.

There are times when I feel like the ancient mariner, water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.


  1. In warm weather I drink water. Not an exciting drink but there are no side-effects.

    Until the drinks industries get their heads together and come up with some I suppose.

  2. I drink a really radical drink no one's heard of before - tea.