Tuesday 6 June 2017

The Rights And Wrongs Of Man

It is reported that Mr. Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has demanded that the state visit of President Trump be cancelled.

He disagrees with most, if not all, of the President's recent views, notably on security matters and says that he is unwelcome in the UK.

The first funeral of a victim from the Westminster terrorist attack has just been held.

She was a lovely girl, a Scot from the Isle of Barra and a MacLeod.

Donald Trump's mother was a MacLeod from the nearby Isle of Lewis, also a Scot.

Mr. Khan was a solicitor who specialised in the law of human rights.


  1. Some might say that Mr Khan and his co-religionists aren't welcome in this country either but then they are the silenced majority so they don't.

  2. Sadiq Khan should have the sense to know that many people will not see this as he does and the sense to know why that is.