Saturday 3 June 2017

Heimat Is On TV

A couple of days ago Sky Arts ran the first part of "Heimat" and it is being repeated on Monday and again. For those who watched the wilder shores of TV in the 80's this appeared, I think on Channel 4, and for many made absorbing viewing.

It is German and about the experience of life of a family and community in the south of Germany between 1919 and 1982. They are ordinary people caught up in events etc. that happened beyond their powers and often understanding. Later the series was extended to 2000.

The reasons why I watched in the 80's was that in dating and the events it matched those in my own family over that period. The opening scene has a lead character walking across the fields to his village in his return from WW1. I could imagine my grandfather returning to his village in the same year.

Then there was my service in Germany in the 50's when I marched out of the Army of Occupation and later visits in the 1970's during camping holidays. Germany now is another place in another time and I do not think I would like it.

But I think I will still watch the series again, at least the first parts.

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  1. I was in Berlin near the end of Checkpoint Charlie. Not a nice atmosphere.