Friday, 24 March 2017

Westminster Crimes

What happened in Westminster yesterday was a major crime, committed by a single man. Given that the attack he made was in Westminster, our centre of government it was political. Given that he was motivated by certain ideas then it was ideological.

One major issue in today's world is that it is common to suggest or argue that if a political or ideological reason is given for such an action, and irrespective of the consequences for those harmed; too often entirely innocents, then it is not a crime.

That this crime took place close to the time that the funeral rites were being read over a former IRA activist involved in many brutal deaths is one of those unhappy coincidences. Moreover, it has been pointed out that before the Westminster murderer became a violent Muslim he was a violent Christian.

The problem has become wider in that our police forces are now retreating from dealing with many crimes committed within an underworld of people who will argue that they are the unhappy losers in a wrongful society. This could be for either political or ideological reasons or both.

At the same time new crimes are invented, especially in the field of what we call political correctness, rapidly becoming a haven for those who are among the criminal classes. While politicians (are they now a criminal class?) prattle on about our civilisation being built on the rule of law and pass more and more laws for us to obey.

On the other hand when it comes to whether or not a person commits a crime they are the first to claim, especially if it is a politician or an immediate ally, that the fact of a crime can be over ridden. If the person involved can play the political card or argue the ideological case by some miracle of interpretation there is not a crime.

We are going to have make up our minds about crimes being crimes and dealt with as such and the sooner the better.

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  1. Political correctness muddies the waters and keeps issues alive rather than allowing then to recede into the past.