Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sing Something Simple

As we come closer to becoming governed by computers rather than human thought it is useful to have a look at what is going on. That is the human thinking that gives rise to the ability of computers to sort things out.

The pace in this field is advancing as rapidly, if not more, than in many others in science and technology. Quite what may come about and how it is managed and functions becomes more and more distant from real experience.

Some of us are aware that what we would like to be simple is no longer so.  The difficulty is getting the rest to see it that way and realise that little is simple and there are few right answers to all our dilemmas, especially if computers are involved.

Science Daily has a choice article about the The Efficiency Of Complex Computations which is a test of skill and judgement for the great majority of us.  But if this what they say can and will work then it is what will be built into a good many things that will affect our day to day lives.

It is not a long article, just enough to make you wonder what it is really about and conclude you may not have the faintest idea.  In the meantime I will have to stick to the paper railway timetables.

If the trains are running, that is, when I get to the station.

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  1. "what it is really about and conclude you may not have the faintest idea."

    Extracting sunbeams from cucumbers?