Sunday, 17 November 2013

If Music Be The Food Of Networking

Wheeling out of Embankment Tube Station found all but one of the entrances to the Gardens locked shut.  Where there should have been a grassy area adorned with flower beds was a collection of very large white sheds.

When this happened last year, we assumed that it was to do with The Jubilee so might have been a "one off".  This is not the case because it seems that locations like this can be simply taken and used as large entertainment venues.

London is not a place short of places where that kind of fun or facilities can be had.  But they are not flash enough or designed enough for those with the loot.  They want their very special things. 

So the Mayor, Boris, and his friends give out their permissions for the open spaces to be taken over by temporary buildings that externally have all the charm of intensive chicken rearing and slaughtering plants.

For those who like to enjoy the not so rural charms of the Gardens, they are one of the few places in central London to relax in for a while and watch the world to by it is a loss.  More to the point is that they defeat one of intentions of them, which is to provide a location for memorials.

In this case it is Robert Burns who now looks wistfully at the huge shed that overpowers him.  His statue now overlooks not The Thames nor the Royal Festival Hall on its other bank, but a blank white wall a few feet from his nose.  It is not just that his sort would not be invited but hardly any of those patronising the venue will ever have heard of him or read a word of his work.

It is my view that one of the great "what if's" of history is what might have happened if the young Robert Burns had met and had the chance to work with Mozart.  Or failing him Joseph Hadyn.  It sounds unlikely, but the chances of life do happen and there were Scottish magnates with properties in London enough. Moreover the Ayrshire Bank was linked to Fordyce's London broking house and him to Arnold Nesbitt and his circle.

The shed will be providing those with the cash and the clout to demand the ultimate in modern splendid entertainment and at no expense spared.  Unluckily the link did not happen but put planitevents dot co dot uk Embankment 2013 into search to find it as Supernova Dream Adobe Acrobat Proposal A Winter's Dream 2013. 

Look down to see the grub and booze supplied and then to the list of the "satisfied clients" to see what is almost a roll of dishonour some of the financial institutions in our country and beyond.

Perhaps Robert Burns should have the last word to say.

A Man's A man For A That.

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