Thursday, 7 November 2013

Economic Growth 2013 Style

An interesting story from The Medway Towns.  There was a time when one of them, Chatham, was a major naval base and some of the greatest ships in our maritime history were built there.

It is now a museum rarely visited by foreign tourists.  There is not much left of its history nor of the working life of what was once one of the most productive and crucial local economies in the UK.

There is an economic life, of sorts, much praised by people like Boris, The Balkan Boss of London.  The realities, however, are not quite a source of pride or social benefit as some of us like.

But this kind of thing is what our masters tell us we should welcome and be given our uncritical support to those who ultimately are responsible and control it.

By Royal Charter anyone one who does complain soon will be told to shut up or else.

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