Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Will It? Won't It?

Tropical Storm Humberto has been stooging around in the South Atlantic for a few days now and is down graded from Hurricane.  After an initial estimate that it might wander off peacefully to dump a lot of rain on the East Coast of the USA there has been a change of mind.

Now the diagram indicates that it might head for Europe.  As we are in the way in the UK it might visit us first.  It might, it might not, it could stay rough, it could moderate, it could just fizzle out.

Our weather women (and men) are not telling.  All we are getting at present is breezy smiles of a warm and promising weekend.  Then when the next shift comes on they will be stuck with the job of giving the bad news, if any.

Having seen so many of these storms that have not lived up to expectations, I am not telling either.  But as I need an easy post today because of domestic duties, it will have to do.

Have a nice day.

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