Friday, 6 September 2013

Cameron Fails His Viva Voce

Oh dearie me, poor old Cammers our duffer of a Prime Minister was baited by Vlad The Teaser over grubbers and rose to the bait faster than a tickled trout in the Cherwell.

As ever he went blathering on about all the politically correct cabbage that Gove the Guff had given him in the National Curriculum Anti History umpteenth version.

So where exactly was he when Putin poked him in the ribs?  Look it up quickly on the web and it was St. Petersburg.  This is in Russia and where the G20 had convened for their latest mutual slagging match version of the Eton balls game.

So what?  You may ask.  But who founded it?  Tsar Peter The Great, said by many to be the Founding Father of All The Russias.  Why?  Because it was by the Baltic Sea and allowing maritime access to the West and much of Europe.

Why would he want to do that?  Because he wanted Russia to move on from being a disorderly religion bound society to become a modern trading rationalist progressive society and a full part of Europe.

Where on earth did he get that idea from?  Well, he went to Holland and in particular England to learn a great deal about many things being entertained by King William III and those who dealt with the Royal Navy, philosophy, science and the arts.

The rest as they say is History, and Cameron failed the viva voce. 

Back to The Remove Cammers to do a lot more swotting.

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