Sunday, 22 September 2013

Life May Be More Complicated Than We Think

As someone with a long interest in complexity, chaos, uncertainty and with doubts about the absolutist way of most of modern science to look for and concentrate on single causes with single effects the article linked below was of interest.

The great questions of the universe, how it came to be, how our galaxy was formed and how earth and the solar system resulted are one set of things.

In the very narrow and limited perspective of Earth there is the question or questions of how life as we know it originated and took the forms it did.

It was refreshing to come across in Science Daily, this article in which scientists try to explore the nature of the complexity involved.  They suggest a particular phase of time in the life of our followed.

Read it here, the journal's abstract is quite short and readable and worth a few minutes of anybody's time:

It opens a new line of thought and research.

We may only just be beginning to understand.


  1. Thanks CT. Food for thought right enough.

  2. Very interesting and possibly a lesson for climate scientists who want to find a single control knob for the climate.