Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Spring Has Sprung

The story in the press that the dinosaurs of old not only were huge creatures with teeth to match but they were hosts to fleas that were to scale.  It puts those once encountered in a hotel in Spain into perspective.

As we know the world has changed since then, not once or twice but a few times.  What happened, when, how and the rest have been keeping scientists busy ever since the Inquisition failed to keep up with the numbers.

Along with these are other collapses of species and it is argued that humanity has had a number of close calls in the distant past along with other major reductions in population.

These have occurred for a number of reasons but amongst them is the human capacity for self destruction and wrong headed behaviour.  The “Ecologist” that dropped into my mail box this morning has one such story.  It is a little long but will add a little misery to the day if you read it.

In short, there is a population bubble to match the financial bubble of recent years.  The Mises Institute asserts that this has arisen not because of debt but by reason of loose monetary and other disciplines.

So if a money bust accompanies a fall in agricultural and industrial capacity because we have all been so selfish and stupid, yes my hand is up, the ensuing problems will trigger a form of collapse so often seen in the past.

Our leaders tell us that they are dealing with it and will succeed given this, that and the other.  There is not a lot of confidence that they will and there are signs that people are beginning to react.

My thoughts of placing bets on a major volcanic event or the like to do for us is not good thinking because should I win the money will be worthless and there will be nothing to spend it on.

Just my luck, as usual.


  1. life is a ponzie . if the subject isnt about overpopulation not worth talking about. you always need a new consumer . be it a cancer patient or a department store. we need a mass die off pray if you may but lets hope for a mass die off. This doesnt not work anymore. ozzie and harriet left the building in 1959 !common sense where did it go?
    winston smith , minister of truth

  2. His waves of collapse are all wet.

    The primary problem is that he is very uneven in his criteria. Is he referring to world wide collapses, or British Island ones.

    I am not even sure he gets all the British Island ones correct.

    The appearance of the "Celts" on the Mediterrain Sea is associated with weather crises, and it is also very possible that the circa 1200 B.C. crises in the Mediterrainin was the same. The appearance of roving bands from the North implies that things were not going very well in the North - on a very large scale.