Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Finding Work For The Frantic

It has been a difficult day, a new freezer was required.  At one time you just went round a few local shops and picked one out.  Now it means a grand tour of the county to a limited number of large retailers.

But this one turned up on "Financial Armageddon" from "pleated-jeans" which looked like fun.  If you know the films that is.  The only one that I managed was "Dumbo".


  1. The first (I'm guessing) is Caligula, the second is Ghostbusters, the third is Charlie and the Chocolate factory (which starred Gene Wilder) the forth is The Black Swan, the fifth is Glenda the Good Witch from the wizard of Oz, the sixth is a picture of Charlie Sheen and a quote from Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko from the classic Wall Street. the eighth is Leo De Caprio in 'Catch me if you can', the ninth is another guess with Hoosiers, the next is a baffler too, I'd guess Office Space, the next is the loathsome Delores Umbridge of Harry Potter fame, the next is the wannabe chef kid from 'Ratatouille', the next is Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible, followed by the kid who plays Peter Parker in Spiderman, then there's Dumbo and finally Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire

    If you know any of the ones I missed fell free to update this list...

    1. Wow, many thanks, I should have got Caligula, I have always thought his horse Incitatus would be a shoe in for Prime Minister.