Monday 11 April 2016

Cameron Calls For Change

You do not have to look far around the net to see reports that there are a lot of major problems out there in finance and trade.  Our government does not seem to be aware of them and the possibilities.

They have just sent me a booklet about Europe which, if anything, suggests they are in cloud cuckoo land.  If the big one hits, or even a not so big, or as Zero Hedge calls it The Great Reset neither we nor Europe are ready for it or probably able to cope with the fall out.

Until 2015 Cameron could blame the bungles on the Liberal Democrats and the need for the Coalition with them.  But in the last year it has become clear that he needed no help from them to make a mess of many things.  Not that this does the Lib Dem's any good, but that's politics.

The Conservative Government he has presided over has divided the party, again, over Europe, offended most of its members, chickened out over many difficult decisions and has begun to make Corbyn's Left Labour look respectable.  Now there is the offshore tax malarkey which has so many running in ever decreasing circles.

At the centre of those doing so seem to be Cameron's special advisers and spin doctors.  They want things to change but are not quite certain what, how, why, when and where.  Unlike "Pagliacci" where the clown and comedy are finished, he has begun to remind me of another comedian.

Yes, Old Mother Riley, doyen of the British cinema who in one film made it to Parliament and set about changing things.  Perhaps this should encourage Cameron to follow her example or even pursue it to a logical conclusion.

He should play the Transgender card, at least it would tick the right boxes.

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  1. "He should play the Transgender card, at least it would tick the right boxes."

    He wouldn't need a box if he did the job properly.