Thursday 9 July 2015

Up Greeks And At 'Em

Mr. Farage is not to everyone's taste but there are times when he does hit form.  This is one of them:

Speech on Greece is stirring stuff to the European Parliament and to Mr. Tsipras, who was present.

It lasts four minutes and twenty five seconds from the Zero Hedge blog.

If he isn't careful, the Greek Army will take over and put him in charge.

After all they have a lot more tanks than most countries and know how to use them, thanks to German money and suppliers.

Try this if the above is not enough for something rather riper and suggesting that Greece is only the beginning of the return of the world to the pre-industrial age.

Hat tip to The Automatic Earth where it was tucked away at the bottom of the listing.

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  1. I think it takes more than a speech or two to stir the European Parliament.