Friday 17 July 2015

Spinning From The Top

We live in a world where the media means spin and where it is the spin that matters in order to make people believe your particular line or dogma.  A choice example this week was on the subject of wind turbines and their impact on the neurology and function of the brain.

This brief article in the Telegraph is about a Dr. Koch and his thoughts on whether the low frequency sound generated by them is more complex that we thought with possible effects on the brain.

The wind turbine industry was quick to respond, there is a lot of money and profit to be had to be gained from persuading governments to put as many of them up as possible.


RenewableUK’s Director of Onshore Renewables, Gemma Grimes: “The wind industry takes all health and safety issues very seriously. This piece of work was, by the author’s own admission, just him thinking aloud and raising a number of possible issues relating to all types of infrastructure that could be researched further - he undertook no research at wind farms.

The author himself stated that it would be scaremongering to make any a connection between wind farms and public health issues. There is an existing body of peer-reviewed scientific research, which clearly shows that living near a wind farm has no adverse effect on anyone’s health, and to suggest otherwise is inaccurate and irresponsible”.


In short, put up and shut up.  All the science is done and no more is needed or wanted.  If you do not the Congregation Of The Climate Change Faith will get you.   However, there is the delicate question of was this science to any degree sponsored and funded by the industry or bodies sympathetic to wind turbines for energy.

Also, there has been the unravelling of the BBC spin on the Cabinet's plans for its reform and reorganisation.  Rather than the posse of the famous on their payroll riding to the rescue it seems that the BBC top managers provided the horses and forage and gave the directions.

For the ordinary watcher and listener to all this all we seem to have is a barrage of endless and confusing spin.  Smoke, mirrors, sleight of hand and words, facts that are not facts, science that is not science, data that is not reliable data, statistics where the only connection to real statistics is the use of numerals and worse dogmas or beliefs removed from reality are all we are getting.

For those of us with the time, experience and interest at least the web offers some hope of finding other views and information.  But there is far too little time to chase and analyse all that is needed to so we are all left wondering what we can believe or understand.

You cannot have a real democracy where the media, politics and major sources of information are essentially the spin put out by those with the facilities, money and economic interest.  Now it is all at least tarnished if not useless because of the lies and falsities.

But we seem to be already in a world where democracy is dead.

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  1. There is a divide between science, data and facts on the one hand and sponsored narratives on the other. Anything of political or commercial importance seems to be affected by it.

    The BBC should be highlighting the difference between sponsored narratives and reality but in many areas it doesn't.