Thursday 23 July 2015

2020 Could Jeremy Corbyn Be Prime Minister?

By all those who know about these things and inform and advise us of what is to be and might be, it is said that if Jeremy Corbyn were to be voted into Leadership of the Labour Party it could be decades before they next gain office.

Let me see now.

1921, David Lloyd George is the man for the future in the new age of the Liberal Party, the Tories will never see office again.

1938, the Conservatives ought to get rid of that back bencher Churchill, he really is a liability, you can rely on Neville Chamberlain, a safe pair of hands.

1944, it is impossible to see Clement Attlee as a Prime Minister, he should be replaced as soon as possible by Herbert Morrison.

1958, Harold Macmillan will never win an election, the age of the old grouse moor aristocrat is dead, he is no match for the intellect and power of Hugh Gaitskell.

1963, Harold Wilson? Couldn't win a game of snap, Labour should have voted in George Brown.

1978, Good grief, what are the Tories doing!  Does anybody think that Thatcher the handbag snatcher could beat steady reliable Jim Callaghan?

1991, John Major, couldn't manage a grocer's shop.  Neil Kinnock will run rings round him.

2006, the Tories will never win another election, Labour holds all the cards and now has all the men.

Anyone taking bets?

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