Saturday 4 July 2015

Independence Revised

Unknown to the people of the USA and members of Congress, President Obama has quietly put an end to an ancient wrong.  He has sworn allegiance to HM The Queen in a brief ceremony that reinstates the USA as a devolved entity within the United Kingdom.

This follows the meetings held by Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland with US and IMF officials in Washington in which personal discussions clarified a number of matters relating to the EU and other obligations as well as a fireside chat between David Cameron and The President.

In Whitehall an in depth study of the various Euro treaties had concluded that certain clauses because of their inconsistencies left open the opportunity for former colonies and territories to be allowed should they re-engage as part of the UK.

The effect is that not only the original thirteen colonies are covered but all the territories etc. that they later controlled.  As the spear head of the expansion to the West was substantially led by Scots and Irish this allows the USA as it is be part of Europe.  This is said to have a number of advantages to all parties.

One is population control in the USA and a New Manifest Destiny.  Because of the imminent water shortages and crop reductions it is imperative to redirect population increase from the USA to elsewhere, indeed reduction will occur but now can be managed.

The base line figure for future population is said to be between 120 and 150 million, large enough to service an advanced leading world economy and a related military commitment to retain security.  This could be achieved by returning the surplus to Europe and other places under the terms of the Schengen Agreement.

Also, if the poorer elements were relocated to area of family or group origin then in the USA average earnings, wealth and productivity would all increase sharply with the related consumption and market benefits and reduced calls on benefit expenses.

On the other hand the return of Hispanics to Spain will give a boost to their economy, albeit on a different basis.  The same can be argued for other parts of Europe where policy is that large scale population growth is wanted to allow boosting public spending to procure differing benefits in other ways.

In Scotland, for example, the open door policy coupled with US returnees would soon increase the population to a level greater than that of England with the accompanying political effects bearing on the economic.

Takeover of all Scottish land rights and state re-allocation to create a self sufficient localised croft economy would be paid for by allowing each croft its own wind turbine exporting surplus energy to England who will pay for the installations.

The Scandinavian issue is more complicated.  But it is felt possible that the Norwegian capital fund and long standing state facilities in other nations might accommodate a five fold increase.  With modern systems the search for food that drove people to the USA would no long apply, according to the food processor industry.

There are a number of other population groups.  The large Italian proportion could well return to Italy, albeit the loss of the Mafia might have some effects difficult to foresee.  For other peoples of Europe, there could be localised issues in the Balkans, notably Greece.

It is Germany, however, where a problem might arise.  This might be dealt with by dispersal on a farm by farm basis reminiscent of the former idea of returning Germany to an agrarian economy.

Other sectors of the population will need action on a case by case policy which will entail flexibility.  The African could be given the option of staying or going to a location preferred. For the unknowns or difficult cases the obvious solution is to provide state sponsored transport to Australia.

One small change is that the "Star Spangled Banner" will be dropped and "Lillibullero" will replace it, version according to choice, see Wikipedia.


  1. "allowing each croft its own wind turbine exporting surplus energy to England who will pay for the installations."

    Alternatively, when there is little wind those turbines could be powered up to export enough wind to England to keep our turbines going. Worth suggesting to Nicola I think.

  2. "As the spear head of the expansion to the West was substantially led by Scots and Irish this allows the USA as it is be part of Europe."

    England isn't part of Europe? Interesting view,