Friday 24 July 2015

Der Fliegende Shyster

Much is made in the media of the pragmatic, careful and well organised, honest Germans having to support the profligate, corrupt and evasive Greeks and being criticised for their wish to keep the accounts right.

This long read from Bloomberg sent to me by one of the family might disabuse you of these ideas.

You might just have the impression that the Greeks are being made to pay for the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport which perhaps tells the real story of German financial management.

In the grand opera "Der Fliegende Hollander", Saturday night on RTE Lyric FM Sky 0165 radio, the soprano and the tenor get to heaven.

Sadly, Ms. Merkel and Mr. Tsipras could be going the other way.

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  1. The disaster in your link is quite refreshing. Reputation is everything and easily lost.