Thursday 27 September 2012

Prime Minister's Question Time

With our Prime Minister, Dave Cameron, failing his British entry test in the USA in the David Letterman programme, notably on the question of Magna Carta, there is only one possible comment to make.

This is the man who got the question right, or nearly as all history is relative these days.

Pity Anthony Hancock never went into politics, he made more sense than any of the politicians of his period.


  1. "Did she die in vain?"

    An immortal line - still funny.

  2. Though I can remember , way back, when there was a certain pride in not knowing the details of magna carta , the empire or why you drive on the left.
    There was no need because that was what the british had done and it was good. Nuff said.

  3. Letterman, on Letterman with Warren Zevon; both of whom, I suspect could run rings around Mr. Cameron intellectually: