Sunday 30 September 2012

Is It Really Getting Worse?

Around the media and to some extent the web one of the big science stories is about Monsanto, GM grains and the Roundup weed killer.  This involves French rats and scientists and is about a disturbing scientific study that is being questioned.

But it not just this that is around, there is a good deal of other items in the same sort of category.  It all stems from the rapid development and use of powerful science and chemistry and its relentless application to everyday life.

One set of events that triggered a great deal of study in this and related fields goes back to the use of Agent Orange by US Forces in Vietnam in the 1960’s.  The effects of this defoliant on local populations and inevitably US troops in the field has been a source of contention and debate ever since.

Another scientific study arising from this is one to do with Dioxins, as in Agent Orange.  Only this one rather than just looking at the immediate effects with recent techniques can look at longer term intergenerational effects.  These are serious.

It is claimed that the effects worsen down the generations.

A while ago I read of one theory about the decline of Rome which suggested that extensive use of lead in many aspects of their lives impacted adversely on health in many ways.

So what else could be damaging our reproductive systems?

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  1. "So what else could be damaging our reproductive systems?"

    Lots of things, but the issue is very complex and we have wasted huge amounts of money on dead ends such as climate science.

    Another problem is keeping hysterical shroud wavers away and letting real scientists get on with the research.

    I'm sure there are serious issues in this area, but untangling them is a nightmare.