Tuesday 25 September 2012

1000 Years Later

In the year 1013, the King of England, Aethelred The Unready, left above, was overthrown by an invasion led by King Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark after years of conflict and paying tribute.  

It began the process of the submission of England to continental rule fifty three years later in 1066 when other Northmen invaded from France.

Will the same happen to David Cameron, right above, a thousand years later, when it becomes clear we can neither shake off our European masters and mistresses nor other international obligations and become again a fully vassal state?

This process began fifty years ago when Harold Macmillan, another Conservative Prime Minister in trouble, set out to do penance in Paris and join Europe but was vetoed by General de Gaulle. 

The bookies are not taking bets on this one but the City men are.

Are Cameron and Aethelred related?  It is all too possible if you know the family history and what may be in the genes.

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